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Rosie Ayliffe is the mother of Mia Ayliffe-Chung, who was murdered at Home Hill Hostel in Townsville, Australia in 2016 by Smail Ayad. She is a former teacher, travel writer and journalist.
When Rosie travelled to Australia to retrieve Mia’s body, she started to hear stories about the conditions backpackers were enduring as they undertook the 88 days of regional work required by the Australia Government as part of the process of obtaining a second year visa for Working Holiday Visa holders.
Rosie subsequently gave up her work as a teacher, and through her previous experience as a travel writer and journalist has been able to wage an international campaign to pressurise for change in this field. As a consequence, three Australian States have now introduced Labour Hire Licensing laws, and the incumbent Australian government is considering a raft of proposals concerning the 88 days, recommended by the Parliamentary Inquiry into Modern Slavery