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Salvaged from the Wreck a novel by Dawn Farnham

WWII: Japanese occupied Singapore

EVERY DAY of the years of an endless and murderous occupation, Simone has kept her head down, living and working in the peaceful surroundings of the Botanical Gardens, ignoring the horrors that lie outside, ignoring everything, waiting for it all to end.

UNTIL TODAY, when a blue feather reminds her of the close friends she's half-forgotten and sends her on a quest which could drag them all into disaster.

As World War Two drags to its murderous end under the yoke of an implacable enemy who will never surrender, six young women torn apart by war but bound together by deep bonds of loyalty and friendship, have to search their hearts, overcome their fears, and protect their own before the final conflagration begins. But there is a Japanese Kempeitai officer on their trail and almost before it is begun, their quest seems doomed, and their lives threatened with torture and death.


Australian writer Dawn Farnham is the author of The Straits Quartet - four historical novels set in 19th century colonial Singapore (Monsoon Books, 2007-2013). Her book Finding Maria, a mystery set during the race riots in post-war Singapore was published in 2017 (Monsoons Books) and shortlisted for the Penang Monthly Literary Prize in November 2018.

Her short stories have featured in anthologies in Southeast Asia, Singapore, and Australia. She is a winner of the 'Body in the Library' prize at the Scarlet Stiletto Awards in Melbourne in 2013. Dawn has recently completed a PhD in Creative Writing which has resulted the novel Salvaged from the Wreck.

Dawn has been a recipient of the Singapore Film Commission script development grant for two scripts. She is an inaugural member of the First Draft initiative of the Media Development Authority of Singapore and The British Council. As part of Tempest Productions (now Raconteurs) she was part of the 2015 feature documentary Parkerville: Sets, Bugs and Rock 'n Roll. In 2019, in collaboration with Tempest Productions, they made thier first short film, The Wallpaper, based on Dawn's screenplay. This was longlisted in 2019 for Tropfest Australia, featured in Perth's Revelation Film Festival, shown at Melbourne's Women's Film Festival, Nice International Film Festival. The Wallpaper won best film and best screenplay at 2019's NextGen Short Film Festival in 2019.

Website:; Facebook: dawnfarnham/author; Instagram @farnham, author

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