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Ashok Ferrey grew up in both East and West Africa, where his father worked for the UN. He was educated in the UK, at a Benedictine monastery called Worth Abbey and then went on to graduate with a degree in Pure Mathematics from Oxford University. He spent the next 8 years as a builder in London before returning at the age of 30 to Sri Lanka, where he continues to design and build houses. He began writing almost by accident, when his father developed cancer, to relieve the stress of his personal life. He is a guest lecturer at the Colombo School of Architecture (where he lectures on the History of Western Architecture). By day, Ashok is a personal trainer.

Ashok Ferrey is Sri Lanka’s biggest-selling author in English. He has never been translated into any other language – not even into Sinhala or Tamil, the indigenous languages of his country. Ashok's books are currently published by Penguin Random House India, which holds the rights for South Asia only.
Colpetty People (First published 2004, then Random House India 2009, 2012) Nominated for the Gratiaen Prize
The Good Little Ceylonese Girl (2006, then RHI 2009, 20012, 2016) Nominated for the Gratiaen Prize
Serendipity (2008, then RHI 2009, 2012) Nominated for the Sri Lanka State Literary Award
The Professional (RHI 2013) Nominated for the Gratiaen Prize
The Ceaseless Chatter of Demons (Penguin Random India 2016) Nominated for the Gratiaen Prize