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My Passage to India The Memoir of Anabelle Mehta as told by Georgina Brown


As a young student at the LSE in Sixties London Annabel Lancaster met and fell in love with fellow student, Anand Mehta.  When he left to go back to India she made the momentous decision to follow him and make her life in India.  'My Passage to India' tells her fascinating story - life in post-war London studying first at the Royal College of Music and later at the LSE, what it was like to be a young Englishwoman in Bombay in the Sixties, how she forged an independent life for herself outside of her marriage, her extraordinary work with Apnalaya - an NGO set up to  help people living in the slums of Mumbai, for which she was awarded an MBE in 2017, the death of one of her two daughters aged six after an allergic reaction to a prescribed medication and how her daughter Anjali met and fell in love (in secret) with a seventeen year old Sachin Tendulkar - making her the unlikely English mother-in-law of one of India's foremost sporting legends!

It's the story of a rich and colourful life packed with fascinating detail and told with refreshing candour and a wonderful sense of humour.  My Passage to India will not just tell the story of Annabel's life, it will provide a fascinating perspective on every day life in India through Annabel's eyes.  Rather than a straightforward chronological memoir, writer Georgina Brown has planned the book thematically with separate chapters to cover different aspects of Annabel's life in India. 


Georgina is an experienced British journalist and theatre critic who has written regularly for The Independent and the Mail on Sunday.  Until just before the lockdown Georgina herself was living in India where she met Annabel at a diplomatic event, as she got to know her, she became completely enthralled by the story of her life and convinced that it would make a wonderful book!

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