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Qabar by KR Meera


As a temple is slated to rise in the site of Babri Masjid, voices rise from a qabar in a small town in Kerala. A judge presiding over the property dispute is hypnotised. Is the petitioner the jinn-summoning sorcerer he is reputed to be? Or is she having a mental breakdown from loneliness? Why else would the spectre of a long-forgotten ancestor and his handmaidens appear before her? How is she supposed to make a ruling when her self is profoundly divided? A hypnotic novella from KR Meera full of the dizzying knowledge that verdicts are not solutions.


Author of more than a dozen books in Malayalam including novels, novellas, short story collections, essays and children's literature. Her novel Aaraachaar  which won the Kendra and the Kerala Sahitya Akademy Awards was translated by J Devika as The Hangwoman and was shortlisted for the DSC literary prize. Her translated works include Yellow Is The Colour Of Longing, The Gospel Of Yudas, The Poison Of Love, The Unseeing Idol of Light and  The Angel's Beauty Spots

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