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Parvati the Elephant’s very important Day by Shobha Tharoor Srinivasan


Parvati the elephant has an important role to play in the temple, and she’s very excited about doing it. But sometimes unexpected things can get in the way of a crucial task. Will Parvati be able to complete the job that she has set out to do?

Parvati the Elephant’s Very Important Day shares a universal story about duty, responsibility, and success. Structured as a rhyming picture book, the book showcases Kerala temple traditions by narrating a day in the life of a temple elephant. Elephants, despite their magnificent girth and size, are gentle, and highly intelligent animals that help in keeping the natural ecological balance. These pachyderms have been preyed on for years and are in danger of extinction. Through the story the author hopes to remind children, as well as its adult readers, of the beauty and majesty of the elephant and its value to our world.


Shobha Tharoor Srinivasan is a children’s author, poet, translator, editor, and voice-over talent. She is also a former non-profit development professional who spent two decades as an advocate and fundraiser for persons with disabilities. Shobha has done voice-work for documentaries, educational programmes, journalistic initiatives, and audio books. She has published children’s books in India and the United States, including A Pie Surprise and Other Stories (DC/Mango Books), Indi-Alphabet (Mango and Marigold), and How Many Lines in a Limerick? (Clear Fork Publishing), and her work has been anthologized by Tulika Books, Solstice Publishing, and Skipping Stones magazine. Her essays and reviews have been published in India

Currents and Her new book on Raja Ravi Varma will be released in March 2021 by Red Panda, the children’s imprint of Westland.

Shobha comes from an illustrious literary family and is in fact the sister of former UN Under Secretary, current Lok Sabha MP and acclaimed author Shashi Tharoor. They are a close-knot family, immensely support of each other’s work.

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