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Tunku Halim is one of Malaysia’s best known writers. A former lawyer and scion of one of the country’s royal families, he has been dubbed Asia’s Stephen King. By delving into Malay myth, legends and folklore, his writing is regarded as ‘World Gothic’. His novels and short stories, although often characterised as popular fiction, is studied and analysed by academia.

His short story won the 1998 Fellowship of Australian Writers competition and his debut novel was nominated for the 1999 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award. Between 2015 and 2017 he had three consecutive wins in Malaysia’s Star-Popular Readers’ Choice Awards.

His children’s fiction and non-fiction include the Midnight Children trilogy (2021) and History of Malaysia - A Children’s Encyclopedia (2013). His adult non-fiction, amongst others, include a biography of his late father A Prince Called “Charlie” (2018).

He judges writing competitions and gives talks at schools, festivals and universities on various subjects including creative writing and minimalism. He is an advocate of environmental and mobile phone addiction awareness. He enjoys travelling, Yoga and Tai Chi and currently lives in Penang.

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