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Single in the City by Vidula Chopra Rastogi


Single in the City is a hilarious account of the life of Delhi girl Amrita. Well-educated and a professional, she still lives in a large rambling house with her large joint family comprising uncles, aunts and cousins. Despite their apparent wealth and the comforts of a privileged existence, there’s one elephant in the room, which nearly everyone in the family is very keen to address – the issue of Amrita’s single status. All of 29, Amrita remains resolutely single, unable to find a beau who would also make a good husband. In the eyes of her friends and relatives she’s already over the hill, and seems to be the only single girl around. Things begin to look up for her when she meets the supremely rich and handsome Raj Malhotra, the scion of a hotel business empire and very conveniently single. As the two exchange barbs and then pleasantries at Amrita’s cousin’s tenth wedding anniversary party, sparks fly. While every other single girl and her mother is eyeing The Raj, he seems to have eyes only for Amrita. It seems to be the beginning of a blossoming romance as he becomes the only man in the party to ask Amrita for her number, much to the relief of her buxom pal Puja. However, Raj proves to be a slippery slope and despite Amrita’s growing interest in him, she’s unsure of whether he reciprocates her feelings. And then there is the case of Mahi, Babita’s younger sister who seems to have attached herself to Raj much like a barnacle to a whale. What is the future of their relationship? Amidst the numerous society parties, Big Fat weddings and the appearance of the other handsome guy, Kabir, will Amrita finally jettison her single status to find true love and happiness? And with whom? Single in the City, written in a breezy style will keep the reader hooked, reading, and laughing through it all.


Vidula Chopra Rastogi grew up in the Maximum City and has been writing for over 20 years. Her works have been published in various publications like Femina, Deccan Herald, The Hindu, India Today and Better Homes and Gardens among others. Vidula presently resides in Bangalore with her husband Rajeev, two daughters Samara and Ariana, and their little Shih Tzu, Nico. When she is not tapping away on the keyboard, you will find her playing her favourite pieces on the piano, baking whole wheat cakes and cookies, and making homemade soap for friends and family - a hobby she has recently turned into a small business. Single in the City is her first novel.

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