This book is a memoir, a remeniscence of Kubbra’s conflicts, struggles and engagment with her universe. The twelve to fifteen chapters are envisioned as vignettes of her life, each ending with an inspirational quote as well as an important takeaway for the reader. With each chapter, this simple girl from Bengaluru turned Bollywood diva, will talk about coming into her own in a big bad world. Despite her ordinary small town upbringing Kubbra is an extraordinary woman, who learnt to deal with the world the hard way. The bullying she faced in school early on, for instance, honed her ability to deal with nepotism in an industry known to favor its own, often at the cost of talented ‘outsiders’. Being raised by a single parent, she learned to put up a brave front before the world and with time march to the beat of her own inner drum. From being the unattractive teen in braces to winning the Miss Personality awards at the Miss India Worldwide Beauty Pageant to successfully portraying a transgender on television, Kubbra has made choices that were as unconventional as they were rewarding. Her memoir, like her life, promises to be a soul searching journey of startling revelations and heart-warming fortitude.



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