Publisher: Penguin

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“It was always the same dream, a dream that began with darkness and blood.”

When Assistant Commissioner of Police Aditi Kashyap is called upon to solve a gruesome triple-homicide in a Mumbai suburb, she is dragged into terrifying world of the Saimhas – werelions – who have lived alongside humans, hiding amongst them since ancient times.

As it becomes increasingly clear that the murders are the work of something that is more animal than human, ACP Kashyap has no choice but join hands with Prithvi – an Enforcer who claims that he is tasked with hunting down this monstrous creature before any more lives are lost.

But can Prithvi overcome the burdens of his past – particularly the violent deaths of his best friend and of the woman he loved – for both of which, he holds himself responsible? For if he is to face the larger dangers and solve the bigger mystery that lies behind this seemingly-straightforward assignment, he must find it in himself to confront his own dark past – including the traumatic childhood he has spent as an outcast orphan, as well as his struggles with his own identity during a turbulent, precarious youth.

And when the time comes, can Prithvi be trusted to save human lives, or will he choose to serve a different, more powerful master – one who promises to fulfil the ancient destiny of the Saimhas and raise their kind to great glory?

 When the fate of the world may be at stake, who can be depended upon – human or beast?



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