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GIVE THIS BOOK A TITLE And other ways to take control of your life by Bella Glanville

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By the time that Bella Glanville turned twenty, she had already given three TEDx talks, travelled the world as an international model, started up her own magazine, created a youth foundation, and enrolled in the second top university for psychology in the world. However, prior to this, she was a depressed, bullied twelve-year-old with anxiety issues.

Everything changed when she shifted her focus onto personal development and positive psychology. She learned numerous tools and was trained as a coach and speaker by some of the world's top self-help gurus. She knew that her life experiences and the tools that she had personally created were too valuable to keep to herself. Which is why she decided to write this book and use some of the stories from her own life to prove that anything and everything is possible if you make the right decisions!

Give This Book a Title is a self-help book with a difference. It avoids the classic repetitiveness of so many self-help books which keep returning to the same point over and over. Every chapter focuses on a different topic and addresses a different part of your life that you can take control of. For example, there are chapters on The Myth of Perfection, The Science of Online Dating

Nowadays, with the rise of technology, young people tend to have shorter attention spans. Bella's book does the same, keeping each chapter to the point and avoiding unnecessary repetition. Less is more, even when browsing bookstore shelves, short books are often more appealing to those with a busy time schedule.

There are very few self-help books written by authors as young as Bella. The age range of most self-help authors is 59-79! Yet psychologists believe that people tend to identify with and learn more from people of a similar age to themselves. The reason that the young people in Bella's workshops identify with her so much is because she is young herself. The beauty of this book is that it has been written from the point of view of a young person who knows what young people go through, the problems they face, and how they can deal with them.


Bella Glanville is an international model, TEDx speaker, peak performance coach, and founder of Motivate Magazine ( and the non-profit Lovekidz Foundation ( Born and raised in London, Bella has modelled for brands such as Adidas, Stella McCartney, Topshop, Nike and Vogue. She is also a TV personality, film producer and actor. She takes the lead role in the film, Deadly Perfect, which premieres in 2021. Bella has given four international TEDx talks, exploring 'The Myth of Perfection', 'Embracing Uncertainty', 'Clashing Personalities', and 'The Science of Online Dating'. She also gives motivational talks and workshops to young people and is a certified NLP practitioner.

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