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As a young girl, Anna never saw herself as anything more than someone destined to be a wife and a mother. Although many, including her husband saw her potential, in particular her ability to gauge people within minutes of meeting them, her plan for herself ended at being Mrs. Chandy. Compelled to learn about helping people with mental health challenges because of her schizophrenic brother-in-law, Anna soon became a volunteer counsellor.

Over the years, she struggled with the many challenges she was presented with, such as being cut off from her family, being accused of manipulation and breaking up her parents’ marriage by her own mother, and much worse. She dealt with these trials with the help of counselling, and continued to work, slowly growing from being an unpaid volunteer, to the force she is today. Her work with people is a continuous reminder that the past need not govern the present, and people can reach their own potential. Just as she did.