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Trisha, who has written and directed over 40 documentaries, moved to writing after 2005. She has authored The Mahabharata Re-imagined, a retelling of the epic through short stories, and two non-fiction books — The Art of the Television Interview and How to write a Documentary Script. The idea for the most recent one came up after she read the book Gods Behaving Badly by Marie Phillips. “That’s a story about a bunch of Greek gods, who land in New York City. That’s when I thought why not do something with Mahabharata, which I have grown up reading,” she says.

Trisha has been working on the book for the past five years, during the span of which she became a mother to two children. “It’s tough. I would have to attend to a crying baby, feed the baby, make the baby sleep, and this goes on in a loop. My writing happened in short spells, whenever I got time off being a mommy,” she says. “This took long because of my babies. I already have two other books in the pipeline, which should get done faster,” she says.