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Healing Healthcare by Dr Sumanth Raman


Healing Healthcare is a collection of fourteen well-researched and thought-provoking essays written by Dr Raman. Through this book, Dr. Raman wants to provoke readers’ interest in factors affecting the Indian health sector such as limited access to quality care, lack of affordable hospitals, ill-equipped health professionals, corporate greed leading to unwanted and unnecessary procedures, target-meeting attitudes, medicos playing God and an almost complete lack of outcome measurement leading to almost zero accountability.

Books like these are common in countries like the US, and authors have started healthy discussions forcing policy makers to relook at healthcare policies. The paucity of similar books in the Indian context stimulated Dr. Raman to write this book.


After graduating from the prestigious Madras Medical College, Dr Sumanth Raman worked as a consultant physician in various hospitals in Chennai, obtaining his master's degree along the way. Though medicine was his calling, he has always been interested in the broader aspects of healthcare. This interest led him to work with Tata Consultancy Services as a key member of their Healthcare Innovation team. One of his many achievements during his stint with TCS is the launch of a healthcare and telemedicine portal - in the year 2000- long before the concept of e-health had even taken root. The portal, rated one of the best in its category, won multiple awards including the E-Content Category at the Manthan Awards 2008. It also received a special mention at the World Summit Awards at Mexico in June 2009.

Over his two decades of association with TCS, he has worked on some of the largest IT implementations in the Healthcare IT space: in the areas of Hospital Information Systems, Electronic Medical Records, E-Health and Telemedicine systems, Clinical Decision Support Systems and Health Portals.

He oversaw the largest implementation of Hospital Information Systems and Electronic Medical Records in India for the Govt. of Tamil Nadu HMIS Project. He was also associated with NHS, UK (National Health Service) for a national program for IT in the UK. He has also worked on Healthcare IT projects in many other countries including China.

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