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When Rohini married Ranjith and moved to the ‘big city’, they had already planned the next five years of their life: job, home, and then child. After three years of marriage and amidst increasing pressure from family, they decided to seek medical help to conceive. But they weren’t prepared for what came next-not only in terms of the invasive, gruelling and deeply uncomfortable nature of infertility treatment but also the financial and emotional strain it would put on their marriage, and the gnawing shame and feeling of inadequacy that she would experience as a woman unable to bear a child.

What’s a Lemon Squeezer Doing in My Vagina? is a witty, moving and intensely personal retelling of Rohini’s five-year-long battle with infertility, capturing the indignities of medical procedures, the sting of prying questions from friends and strangers, the disproportionate burden of treatment on the woman, the everyday anxieties about wayward hormones, follicles and embryos and the overarching anxiety about the outcome of the treatment. It offers a no-holds-barred view of her circuitous and highly bumpy road to motherhood.


Rohini S Rajagopal's career spanning over 11 years has been centered on writing and editing. She started as a feature writer for Deccan Chronicle, then spent two years in Cambridge University Press as a copyeditor before moving to knowledge management (KM). She was part of a large KM team in Accenture for over four years before finding a similar role in the Azim Premji Foundation. Here, she was involved in writing case studies and informal research papers documenting and analysing field work. She was also part of a four-member core team that conceptualized and organised a three-day multilingual children's literature festival called KathaVana in 2013 where approximately 1800 children and 300 teachers from government and private schools participated. KathaVana continues to be an annual feature in Bangalore.

She has an MA in English (Media & Communication) from the English and Foreign Languages University in Hyderabad.

She lives in Bangalore with her husband and son.