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Start up Success by Roy Lu


Startup Success is a practical, resourceful guide for entrepreneurs and anyone who intends to start a business.

Unlike other startup books that focus on founders' personal stories, this book provides practical methodologies and resources (over $10,000 USD in value) to help founders achieve fundability. The book sharpens a founder's techniques in four areas: grooming the idea for pitching, personal development, building strategic relationships and securing investment.

Each chapter comes with unique and valuable worksheets, templates, and sample contracts based on best practices proven at world-leading accelerators and VCs. Until now, these costly resources have only been available to the exclusive group of founders with VC-backing. With this guide, they are made available for download to every reader. This book aims to prepare budding entrepreneurs and founders for the toughest job there is: turning their idea into a fundable startup.

The book guides its readers through the initial process as they lay the groundwork of goal-setting, improve their pitch deck writing, learn the soft skills of networking, generating leads and finding mentors, as well as the hard skills of approaching, negotiating and closing an investor. It can be a valuable learning tool and guiding light for entrepreneurs as they embark on this challenging journey.


Roy Lu is a serial entrepreneur, venture investor, a TEDx speaker and a holder of US patents. Roy has founded VB Biotech in the US and Timepop Technologies in China, a venture backed startup that was acquired by a tech giant in Asia. He was a fullstack developer and a biotech researcher by training. Roy is also an investor in tech ventures. He is an alum of Chinaccerator, the #1 accelerator in China, and Microsoft Accelerator, and his companies have raised funding from SOSV, Softbank, Goldman Sachs, and Artesian Capital.

Other than this book, Roy has also written a book titled “Biomedical Engineering in Africa” chartered by the National Institute of Health. During his career as biotech and software scientist, he focused on cutting-edge technologies for Roche Genentech and Foxconn. He has lived and worked across three continents (North America, Europe, and Asia) and speaks Chinese and English with native fluency.

Roy is a Stanford MBA Candidate with Austin Scholar and Maxwell Scholar offers, a CFA Certificate holder, and a Northwestern alum with Magna Cum Laude in Biomedical Engineering and a marketing minor from Kellogg School of Management.

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