Author Picture

Nisha Susan is the author of The Women Who Forgot to Invent Facebook and Other Stories (Context, 2020). Her fiction often explores the intimacy and strangeness that the internet brought to India. Her translation of Meera KR’s novel Qabar from Malayalam is forthcoming (2022, Westland). Her non-fiction is focused on culture, gender, digital media and politics. She is also the co-founder of two award-winning media companies, The Ladies Finger and Grist Media.

She lives in Bangalore, the city that she thinks of as home. She grew up in Bangalore, Nigeria and Oman.

After graduation, Nisha spent several years writing for non-profits and working among large groups of activists. She then began a career in journalism in New Delhi, where she rapidly rose to Features Editor at the investigative magazine Tehelka. She has since written for a range of publications from Vogue, Elle, The Hindu, Times of India and Hindustan Times largely on gender and culture.

In 2009 Nisha Susan was the founder of the widely acclaimed Pink Chaddi Campaign against right-wing vigilantes. Time Out, Delhi included her in its list of Top 10 Activists in India, while Femina magazine included her in its list of India's 35 Most Influential Women, Under Age 35 and MSN India named her Woman of The Year. In the campaign’s moment of micro-fame it was covered by a disturbingly eclectic range of media outlets from Fox News to The Guardian to the Rachel Maddow Show.