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Ishrat Syed and Kalpana Swaminathan write together as Kalpish Ratna
They believe science has its true place in the humanities, and understanding the body is the essence of creative expression. Their special interest is the emergence of disease and its relation to the environment. In The Secret Life of Zika Virus they explored the long entanglement between man and virus. Their newest book is FAT: The Body, Food and Obesity.

Ishrat Syed is a general and pediatric surgeon. Ishrat as photographer uses the camera to explore hidden histories. His work in progress Palimpsest:The Erasures that make Bombay was previewed in 2011 as The Persistence of Memory at the CMVS, Mumbai.

Kalpana Swaminathan is a pediatric surgeon. Kalpana, the novelist, won the 2009 Crossword Award for Venus Crossing: Twelve Stories of Transit. Her detective Lalli appeared this year in her seventh book “Murder in Seven Acts.’


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13 Ladybird books on the Panchatantra, Puffin.

The Compendium of Family Health, Rupa 2005
Uncertain Life and Sure Death: Medicine and Mahamari in Maritime Mumbai, MHS, 2008
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FAT: The Body, Food and Obesity. Speaking Tiger, in production, due November 2018

The Quarantine Papers, Harper-Collins, 2010
The Nalanda Chronicles Westland 2007 ( Copyright reverted to us)
Synapse. Due from Speaking Tiger April 2019

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