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Indians have aspired to study overseas for generations. Immediately post-independence, financial restrictions meant few could do so. In the 50’s and 60’s, a handful ventured out, mainly to the UK, particularly to Oxford and Cambridge, and a few to the US, especially to Columbia University and MIT.

But since 1991, economic growth lifted several million out of poverty, some into prosperity and several into a new “aspirational class.” In the wake of the swelling globalization wave, this has seen thousands of people of Indian origin knocking on the doors of universities in North America, Europe, Australia- even Russia and China! Significantly, in the USA, Indians are numerous among foreign students.

People of Indian origin from across geographies today have high ambitions, financial goals and accomplishments in the Technology, Science, Medicine, Law, Business and Entrepreneurship arenas. Viral Doshi Associates has advised people of Indian origin in over 20 countries on admission into their dream educational institutions – mainly in the United States and the United Kingdom. Viral and Mridula’s book – ‘Winners’ explores the exciting experiences of several such young persons from across the world, Indians who went on to follow their dreams. ‘Winners’ will inspire many others to reach their potential and shine bright.